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About us

Kiosk outlet stores is East Africa’s first retail franchise, we are proud to be the pioneers in steering the region to a revolution in the retail industry.

We Provide a complete
turnkey solution for potential franchisees wishing to run their own business with full support from a well established brand. We incorporate;

Quality & Affordable Products

Kiosk Outlet Stores seeks to provide a new shopping experience in the local retail industry.Our stores are well stocked,clean and with a neat display that makes it easier for customers to identify different products as they do their shopping.Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality goods at reasonable cheaper prices whilst maintaining an equal consistence across all outlets.


We offer our customers convenient shopping experience by locating our Kiosks strategically around key streets and roads.The excellent customer service ,product variety,easy of shopping makes our stores more convenient for all our customers.Our super loyalty card also gives them a chance to do their shopping and send the products over to be picked in any of our branches.

Professional service

Our dedicated teams are always ready to provide all our franchisees and customers with professional services aimed at enabling an excellent working environment. Some of the services offered to our franchisees include sales and marketing,advertising,customer service and book keeping. All our franchisees and employees undergo a customized professional training curriculum.


We strive to offer all our franchisees innovative solutions ranging from online update of daily and monthly sales reports, stock entry, delivery status and monthly business reports. All this is made possible via the use of our fully customized ePOS system that ensures that both the company and the franchisees are able to track the shop’s performance anywhere, anytime.

Own Your Own Kiosk

Are you ready to become your own boss?

A Kiosk Outlet Stores franchise becomes fully operational from the time you say GO! So, you can skip the hustle of getting started on your own. We take care of location identification,store set-up, stocking and equipment installation. In addition to that, We offer a certified training program for franchisees at the start and provide Franchise Representatives and Field Consultants to support you along the way.

Jijenge na Kiosk

Creating over 3000 jobs in one year.

We greatly appreciate the fact that various County Governments have taken interest in partnering with us in helping the community create sustainable jobs, fight insecurity, alcoholism, achieve financial freedom and social development through our new effective retail solution and we are looking forward for more engagement and partnerships with other stakeholders in the near future

Products and services

Our Model favors all entities in the supply chain.

In collaboration with our esteemed partners we are able to maintain and replenish the stock across all kiosk outlet stores. Our sales representatives are able to monitor and create a quantitative report of each product in the shelves, therefore we are able to project sales based on fast moving goods in a specific area and by number of daily customers. Our model of work ensures that it favors all entities in the supply chain.

The Red card experience

The new age of a truly convenient shopping experience begins Now!

In order to deliver an extra-ordinary shopping experience to all our customers,we are offering them a chance to take part in our new exciting loyalty card system that is designed to offer not only a super rewarding system but also a new convenient way of shopping that will enable them to shop and pick their products in any of our stores across the region.


Introducing “Olive” the regions first A.I shopping experience

Olive has the ability to study patterns on data captured over specific durations and draw unbiased conclusions that aid in understanding current shopping trends among our customers based on seasons, product availability and pricing.

Our Process

Easily own your own kiosk by following this simple steps.

  • Apply

    Apply online and Download the form 'own your own kiosk' fill and attach required documents.

  • Verify

    Submit the filled document at any of our outlet stores for verification.

  • Deploy

    A successful applicant will get the opportunity to become a potential franchisee.

Our Packages

Choose any of the packages below.


  • Ksh.18,958/mo
    • Deposit 30% Ksh.195,000
    • Full Capacity Stocking
    • Government Levies and Waivers
    • Insurance Cover
    • EPOS System
    • CCTV Surveillance

    Period: 2 years


  • Ksh.13,542/mo
    • Deposit 50% Ksh.325,000
    • Full Capacity Stocking
    • Government Levies and Waivers
    • Insurance Cover
    • EPOS System
    • CCTV Surveillance

    Period: 2 years


  • Ksh.8,125/mo
    • Deposit 70% Ksh.455,000
    • Full Capacity Stocking
    • Government Levies and Waivers
    • Insurance Cover
    • EPOS System
    • CCTV Surveillance

    Period: 2 years


Daily Customers Across all outlest


Current number of Kiosks in Nakuru


Projected target country-wide in 3yrs


Employment opportunities created

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