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Jijenge na kiosk

Jijenge na kiosk


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Kiosk Outlet Stores is an innovative retail company with a keen focus on Social Enterprise Development. Our highly effective business concept is designed to create jobs to thousands of youths in the country via the devolved units-counties. With the high unemployment rate experienced in the country, we believe that it is in line with our social responsibility to offer a lasting solution that will aid arrest the problem by providing both convenience and improve the residents’ social welfare. The company has designed a reliable retail system that holds the potential to totally disrupt the local retail industry. It is headed by a passionate team with special interest on social enterprise development.

While conducting our market research, we noted that most of the potential energetic members of the community were very interested in joining our business eco-system. However, most of them lacked the financial strength to actively invest in the program. The high alarming unemployment rate in the country has led to a huge waste of human resource potential that needs to be tapped. Though efforts to arrest the unemployment problem have been made before by both private and public institutions, the results have been inoperable and of little success. Most of the youths, women and people living with disability in the county are desperately in need of a reliable, highly effective solution to the financial and social development problems they are facing. Unemployment in the country-mostly among the youths-can be directly linked to the huge insecurity and rampant drug abuse problem across the region. We believe that it is time for the private business community to partner with the regional governments to tap the wasted human resource and direct it to a worthy venture that is both rewarding and beneficial.


As a social enterprise, we are on a charge to impact the society both directly and indirectly. We hope to achieve this by:

  • Partnering with County governments to offer direct employment to youths, women and people living with disability under the initiative. The groups mentioned form over 83% of the unemployed population in the country.
  • Offering indirect employment to our partners working in other related technical support fields such as branding, security, advertising and supply chain management.
  • Providing local consumers with a range of basic home products at affordable prices. Offering convenience to all our customers by ensuring that they get quality products and services faster and timely.
  • Building Boda boda sheds for our industrious boda boda riders, Donate road signage and dustbins along all major roads near the Kiosk units as part of our CSR program.

By partnering with us in this initiative, the county governments stand to benefit greatly from the collection of land lease and licenses. The will go a long way into boosting the counties’ revenue collection. On the same note, creating employment for the active members of the society will help create a safer, healthy and more productive community.

Procedures/Scope of Work

Our main goal is to empower the community by creating employment opportunities. We are suggesting the formation of small groups by the county’s youths and women. Upon vetting, each group will be assigned a unit to manage under the company’s supervision and benefit from the monthly profits accrued. With a number of operational business units in counties wards, we can create direct employment to the county’s residents.The company, through the host county’s administration will identify strategic spots across the county which are viable for the initiative. The community will be educated on the initiative’s objectives and given a chance to actively engage in it via the formation of groups. The group members will be vetted, recruited and trained by the company to form our pool of staff. Once done, all qualified groups will have a business unit allocated to them under the company’s supervision and management. The company will put in place all the systems, policies and regulations needed to make the initiative a success. The county Governments on the other hand will provide all the necessary financial, logistical support and advisory support required to effectively run the program and impact the community.

We greatly appreciate the fact that various County Governments have taken interest in partnering with us in helping the community create sustainable jobs, fight insecurity, alcoholism, achieve financial freedom and social development through our new effective retail solution and we are looking forward for more engagement and partnerships with other stakeholders in the near future


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